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Bullying is my topic for the challenge. People get bullied daily over stupid things such as what they do after school. Like come on seriously, people need to get over themselves. Most people are bullied over long periods of time. This makes them start suicidal tensions. They are also too scared to speak up about it. Most teachers don’t help and don’t see the bullying taking place. 90% of all students report being bullied at some point in their timeline. One out of every ten students drop out of school because of bullying. Bullying is an extreme problem. In fact, it is the biggest problem with schools because teachers won’t help. Your school may seem perfect but there is bullying almost around every corner at any school, you jut have to look hard enough and you will find it.  Physical bullying is the worst in middle school. People get really harsh about it and often it comes back to bite them later on in life. Even your peers were most likely bullied at some part in school, It has happened even since the dawn of man.  Kids are picked on often because they are smarter and faster than the bully. The bully targets these people because he wants them to not be better than them because they want to be the best at school. Another reason why people are bullied is because the bully is mad and decides to take his frustration out on a random kid making them feel useless. In all bullies just want attention and to be known better in the school, even if they have to hurt someone’s feelings. Most people respect bullies which is the opposite of what you would expect. I know weird right? Bullies are just shameless big meanies that want to mess up someones day just to make them feel better.

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  1. Hi Trae, this is your mentor again. Trae, I think your last sentence says it all–bullies, for some reason, need to hurt someone verbally or physically, to make themselves feel better. Your statistic is really scary, that one out of ten students drop out because of bullying. Speaking up is so important. If you’d like to add a Raise Your Voice badge to your sidebar, here are the directions: Raise your Voice Badge

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